ASTURIANA DE ZINC S.A.U. mainly produces electrolytic zinc, zinc alloys and zinc oxide, obtaining other products in the process such as sulphuric acid, calcine and liquid sulphur dioxide. We have our own highly equipped installations for developing both management and operations under optimum conditions of Quality, Health and Safety, respect for the Environment, and optimizing Energy management.

Compliance with customer needs has been established as our basic philosophy, and we supply our products under agreed conditions regarding quality, delivery term, transport and safety, ensuring that they are appropriate for their intended use and that they conform to the legal requirements established by standards, specifications, and any other requirements set forth in the purchasing-contract, or signed voluntarily by ASTURIANA DE ZINC S.A.U.

In order to reinforce the loyalty of our customers and other stakeholders, we feel committed to fulfill not only their current requirements in product and service but also to exceed such requirements and to anticipate future needs.

In ASTURIANA DE ZINC we are aware that the people of our organization, who work on behalf of the Company, are the key to the future, and, consequently, our activities are performed with absolute respect for their dignity, maintaining equal opportunities in their professional development, complying with fundamental human rights, establishing the necessary mechanisms for preventing incidents and occupational diseases and fostering consultation and participation. Human relationships, both internal in the company and external with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, should be transparent and honest. The decisions to be taken in our scope of activity must be fair and ethical, complying with our Code of Conduct.

Prevention of pollution and environmental degradation is part of our commitment maintaining biodiversity of the environment in which we operate, for which we actively develop initiatives that contribute to its improvement and preservation.

ASTURIANA DE ZINC supports in its purchasing criteria, acquisition of energy efficient products and services for efficient use of energy, and to treat those areas that represent a higher energy consumption and higher potential savings.

As a basis for continuous improvement, objectives and targets are declared, allocating the necessary resources and reviewing performance in a planned way, checking their level of achievement and efficiency reached.

The functions of Quality, Health and Safety, Environment and Energy of ASTURIANA DE ZINC, S.A.U., are structured and develop its activity, aiming at the achievement of compliance with the requirements, maintaining the integrity of the Management System, which deploys what is defined in this Policy, ensuring improvement of its efficiency.

The implementation and monitoring of this policy represents the basic pillar for the implementation of a philosophy of continuous improvement at all levels in our organization, our goal being the search for the highest effectiveness and efficiency in each and every one of our activities